Yes, it seems confusing as I do several ‘stuffs’. But in the end it is quite simple – I studied Fine Arts, then Art Management and succintly decreased my own artistic practise in the favour for curating exhibitions and supporting other artists in developing their work. I spend my time with curating exhibitions or with supporting several institutions, events or festivals project-wise. Especially within these free projects who are often based on Herzblut, autonomy might be my strongest driving force and research, dialogue and dissemination I treat as important as an actual targeted practise.

Since I was involved in several biennials so far, considerations about the format of the perennial large scale exhibition made me thinking towards global studies in general and the dependencies of artistic as well as curatorial production in the framework of global exchange in particular.

This website accumulates some  documentation of independent projects I initiated or participated in as well as a couple of links to institutions or initiatives I was happy to work with. If you are interested, there’s some more. Feel free to have a look around and fun with the content. Please make use of the ‘contact’ to contact me, if you would like to contact me for any question of any kind.