Besides doing my own ’stuff‘, I’m always happy helping others in making theirs happen. Amongst others, I’ve been field-tested by working for…

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The Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden as a (full-time) assistant curator for two years. I worked with and for Michael Müller – SKITS, Sergej Jensen, especially Liang Shuo – DISTANT tantamount MOUNTAIN, Emeka Ogboh – If found please return to Lagos and finally as co-curator of the major group show „Exhibiting the Exhibition – from the Cabinet of Curiosities to the Curatorial Situation“.  At our experimental Studiospace 45cbm, I curated solo presentations with David Jablonowski, Stefanie Klingemann and Schirin Kretschmann.

The artistic long-term project REMOTEWORDS, established by Cologne based media artists Achim Mohné and Uta Kopp. It all started with one roof and led to the management of a truly global project. Most recently, I supported them editing this enriching publication.

new talents – biennale cologne as an assistant-curator and internatonal relations executive from 2014 to 2016. new talents – biennale cologne is a project hosted by the private Kunsthalle FUHRWERKSWAAGE Kunstraum and took place for the 5th time in 2016 which marked its 10 years anniversary. In 2016, amongst some other things, I took care of the international cooperation with the Marrakech Biennale, the Havana Biennial and the China Academy of Art.

Ostrale013 – Contemporary Art Exhibition, Dresden at the artistic administration office and for production and writing of the catalogue.

Showroom MAMA [Media And Moving Art] as a ‚Rookie‘, doing several side tasks and mainly by running the 2012 museumsnight’s program through coordination, communication and production work or by curating the open format ‚Raamproject‘, displayed on MAMA’s glass facade at the Witte de With Straat.

Blikopener Street theater festival 2012 in Delft, taking care for the production of the 3 days festival.

Nacht in Noord with Powerboat Rotterdam by getting one of the night’s tours done in collaboration with the best singing saw player, Shelley Rickey. For this local event initiated by Powerboat, we came up with and coordinated four venues connected for the public via several guided tours. The ‚Zaagmolentour‘ involved a dance performance by Jorga Lok in Gesamt Galerie, a short monologue written and played by Fabienne Meulenhoff at and combined with the exhibition Local Activity by Vers&Fris Collective, Linde Schinkel singing in the outside Pavillion of Pijnakkerplein and of course a visit with humouristic interventions at the Uke Box‘ headquarter The Jumping Flea Market.

Contemporary Dance

Also I’ve been involved in several dance productions – mainly for the actual production and coordination of rehearsals and performances, but usually as well for doing applications, accounting, texting, editing, press, layout, contracts, spontainious stage-building, last-minute-problem-solving and other.

novaTanz – Home sweet Home
premiere 19th of December 2013 at TanzFaktur, Cologne

Images: Raphael Spiegel

Choreography – Slava Gepner // Dramaturgy – Özlem Alkis // Music – Achim Sondermann // Dance: José Manuel Ortiz Sanchez, Kathrin Wankelmuth, Adrián Castello, Raphael Spiegel, Ji Hye Chung, Lorenzo Capodieci // Production, Press, Design and other: Lisa Bensel

novaTanz – Peregrinus
premiere 20th of june 2014 at TanzFaktur, Cologne

Two choreographys about memory by Fang-Yu Shen and Maayan Danoch for NovaTanz. Images performance: Matthias Peine

Choreography Fang-Yu Shen und Maayan Danoch // Dance Anca Huma, Andreas Rama, Anja Bornsek, Stav Yeini // Media Art Gonzalo Rodriguez // Composition Ivan Mijacevic // Dramaturgy José Manuel Ortiz // Curator Slava Gepner // Production, Press, Design and other Lisa Bensel //


Between 2013 and 2015, I supported the initiators and the team of TanzFaktur  on an irregular basis in all chaotic means coming up with the challenge of inventing a new place.

Foteini Papadopoulou – as far as abstract objects
premiere 21st of November 2014 in Maschinenhaus, Essen

A multimedia dance performance with life motion capturing and 3d realtime visualizations by Foteini Papandopolou.

Idea, Choreography, Coordination, Production Foteini Papadopoulou // Sound Lukas Tobiassen // Mediaart Martin Schulte //Spatial Concept Benjamin Jagdmann // Performance Arielle Chauvel-Lévy, Risa Kojima, Anne-Hélène Kotoujanksy, Kyungwoo Kwon // Scenography Benjamin Jagdmann, André Mehlhop-Lange, Martin Schulte // Dramatury Natalie Hollweg, Anja Plonka // Research Assistant Alejandro Pablo Russo (movement analysis, 3D-Animation) // Advise Henner Drewes, Anita Winter // Photography Sandra Hamm // Graphik Design Martin Schulte, Lukas Tobiassen // Technical Director and Documentation André Mehlhop-Lange // Production support Michael Hess // Press Lisa Bensel