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WAM! Women in Arts and Media e.V.

I’m proud that we founded this networking platform. We are alumni of the German Cultural Council’s mentoring programme for female leaders in the Arts. WAM e.V. started with the aim to support each other solidarily but soon continued with the urge to also open up to and to expand our network with more brilliant ladies that both need support and are able to support others in reaching the next career goal. Have a look at WAM, and feel free to contact or to join us if it speaks to you

Büro für Kuratorische Fürsorge und Kollektives Experiment

BÜRO for curatorial care and collective experiment : How do we want to work, exhibit, make art, learn and live; now and in the future? How can we adapt the current analogue and digital working and exhibition practices in the art system to our exasperations and needs?

-> Follow up this awesome one-year experimental project. It’s a processual thinking and working space, I am designing, constantly developing, questioning, overthrowing and remodelling together with my dear collective group of former Q18 / Quartier am Hafen Cologne curators: Wilko Austermann, Anne Mager, Linda Nadji, Jari Ortwig, Michael Stockhausen. Graphic by Tatjana Stürmer.

For the public we’ll have digital events and individual appointments on site in March/April 2021. We plan to conclude in an on-site program in September/October 2021. All info, dates, links, topics, artists you can find with frequent updates here:

Symposium Digitale Perspektiven

Join us on Saturday, November 16th, at 2pm at the Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart – I give a talk on pixels et. al. at the Symposium „Digitale Perspektiven“ / Digital Perspektives / by the Künstlerbund Baden-Württemberg. With more talks by Marie Lienhard, Margret Eicher, Daniel Bisig&Ephraim Wegner, moderated by Tobias Wall. I’m looking forward!!!

Deutscher Kulturrat : Frauen in Kultur und Medien

Thank you, dear German Cultural Council. I’ve been accepted in their 1:1 mentoring programme for women in art and media in / aiming for leading positions. Yes I aim and yes I’m looking forward to exchange with my exceptional mentor and 30 brilliant female mentee fellows! Have a good read about the program here and don’t miss to apply next year. It’s a treasure and a unique, supportive community.

Keep an eye on…

Julius Brauckmann and Dennis Siering. I was happy to say a few words at the opening of their exhibition DATA at Galerie Gisela Clement (<< there’s documentation). Humour meets media meets art critic vs. post-human dystopian sculptures discussing the anthropocene. You can read my text here (German).


Incredible – it’s printed!!! Thank you for working with me. It’s been a true pleasure to engage with these texts, 10 years of REMOTEWORDS knowledge and images and to support with editing, proof-reading, producing this worthwhile publication.

orbitale Irritationen REMOTEWORDS

Essays by Christoph Asendorf 
/ Tanja Dückers 
/ Sabine Fabo
 / Clemens Krümmel / Hans Ulrich Reck / 
Klaus Staeck / 
Klaus Theweleit
 / Siegfried Zielinski
This publication documents the thirty-five unique actions of the REMOTEWORDS project and contextualizes them in a compre­­­­hen­sive way with highly diverse statements and essays from the perspective of cultural studies, art and media history, literature and media psychology.
It is published in the edition KHM, a cooperation project between the Academy of Media Arts Cologne and the Herbert von Halem Verlag. You can get your copy here or directly there. Or thumb through it.

Overwhelming Imagination

My second stay in Beijing is about to come – I’m very pleased! Together with 17 other spekars from (almost) all over the world, I’m invited to take part in the Think-Tank Conference ‚Overwheming Imagination‘ at Si Shang Art Museum. I’ll contribute to the conference with a talk about Biennials in the first panel about ‚Global Politics of Art‘. Thanks to I: Projectspace for the enourmous effort in bringing us together. See you in a bit!

overwhelming flyer png

Read more here ->
Or here ->

new talents

stay tuned for the 5th edition of new talents – biennale cologne..
taking place from 21 May to 5 June in Cologne..

this year with a cooperation with the Marrakech Biennale and the Havana Biennale as well as the Shanghai Art Academy (which I’m taking care of).




Have a look at the selected artists and the festival programme >>>

MOFF 13 – Interview

The 13th Edition of Moff Magazine arrived! ‚MOFF – Cologne Artists in Conversation‘ is a voluntary mammal project by Stefanie Klingemann, who asks Cologne artist to talk. This is my most favourite magazine in Cologne, so I was very happy to participate:

From page 7 onwards, I talk with Achim Mohné about his relation to apparatuses, performances, lasers, world travels and the Cologne music scene. 


(Get one, it’s free….! Design by Julia Majewski)

Ghetto Biennale

..back from China, off to Port au Prince to participate in the 4th Ghetto Biennale – KREYÒL, VODOU and the LAKOU : Forms of Resistance together with REMOTEWORDS! Looking forward to write down some experiences afterwards.