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LABOR – Schirin Kretschmann
At 45cbm Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden

Site specific installation and edition from black dubbin by Schirin Kretschmann. Images: Karolina Sobel / SKBB


Stellenweise Glatteis – Céline Berger & Nina Adelajda Olczak
At TYSON Cologne

Images: Matthias Peine

An exhibition connecting Céline Berger and Nina Adelajda Olczak I conceived upon invitation by TYSON’s carte blache in February 2018. It deals with the business-related optimization of an individual through training and tools, a market-oriented pursuit of profit maximization in the post-Fordist age, rebellion within an abusive, political power systen and the non-freedom of the (polish) media. The exhibition was also visible from the street during the nights. Performance: Revolutionsmanöver, Nina Olczak.


Imagination – Stefanie Klingemann
At 45cbm Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden

Images: Judith Fruzsina Jesse / SKBB

In a site- and context specific installation with performance, Stefanie Klingemann took the visibility of marble in Baden-Baden as a starting point to question the reality of art and images in various media. As a tableau vivant, she also referred to the allegories of painting and sculpture on the entrance stairs of the exhibition house.


Public Hybrids – David Jablonowski
at 45cbm Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden

Images: Lisa Bergmann / SKBB

An overview of Jablonowski’s sculptural interpretations of technological communication systems reflecting on the media theoretical, economic and sociological consequences of democratizing apparatuses such as desktops, scanners, interfaces, tablets or even high-tech materials such as carbon. The exhibition was supported by the Kingdom of the Netherlands.


Currently living in…
With Fikret Atay, Christian Gierats, Echo Ho, Dwayne Holliday, Katerina Kuznetcowa & Alexander Edisherov, Bettina Marx, Bettina Wenzel, Mi You

… was an interdisciplinary exhibition project about artistic nomadism by Lisa Bensel & Anne Mager. It took place from October 9 – 18 2015 in Cologne. Beyond the façade of a glamorous jet-set life, the project discussed the relevance and the outcome of frequent, nomadic residency periods abroad experienced by artists today. Focussing on the globalisation of artistic practise and its aesthetical, social, physical and mental consequences; visual artists, choreographers, sound- and vocal artists that are currently living in Cologne, but also travel the globe for their work were invited. With a 10-day exhibition, two performance evenings, a discussion round and artist talks, nine artists were presented whose works are produced and perceived internationally. The selected works on show have been either developed on the move or during a residency. They are referring to aspects of interculturality or relocation or have been inspired by self-initiated travels.

For more information please have a look at the programme HERE (PDF opens in new window).

Images installation: Bozica Babic, Images opening and performances: Matthias Peine.

Currently living in… was supported by the Cultural Office Cologne, RheinEnergie Stiftung Kultur, Fuhrwerkswaage, NRW Kultursekretariat, MJKS NRW, ON Neue Musik Köln and Jameson and took place at TanzFaktur and Belgisches Haus. Graphic Design: Linda Richard, Technic: Eckhard Plöttner, Translation: Marcel Krueger, DJ: Scotch DJ


Learning to Fly – Daphné Keramidas
At Moltkerei Cologne

I was pleased to find another inviation by Daphné to support her with an overview show at Moltkerei, Cologne in Spring 2015. The results were energetic discussions, a personal and intimate exhibition about Keramidas recent works as well as a text about her ideas on ‚Learning to Fly‘. You can read it HERE (JPG opens in new window).


Q18 – Quartier am Hafen

During 2014 I was curator of Q18, the exhibition space of the studio building Quartier am Hafen in Cologne and conceived four exhibitions in this period. Taking off from a deconstruction of sculpture and installation, the series went on to question the representation of images intermedially, the functionality of space confronted with sound art and concluded with an investigation on artistic knowledge production. All artists have been invited to experiment and to develop new site specific works for this occasion.

handle with care – handle don´t care – Elisabeth Oertel
21. 02 – 21.03.2014

Images: Elisabeth Oertel

“Handle with care – Handle don’t care” consists of a careful selection of glass sculptures, opening a discussion on deconstruction. „594 km” for instance, the white sculpture above, is a living sculpture consisting of glass strings, deconstructing itself constantly caused by inner frictions of the material. Especially during transportation, the sculpture continues to build down form and subsequently changes its title by the addition of the respective kilometres driven. More recently, you can follow up Elisabeth with Leavinghomefunction on the landway to NY.

The Wavering Stage – Alwin Lay & Lorelinde Verhees
13. 06 – 11. 07. 2014

Images: Alessandro De Matteis & Houtan Nourian

‘The Wavering Stage’ questioned the representational image through the mediums of photography, sculpture, video and installation: Lorelinde Verhees developed two post-photographical objects inspired by neo-materialism – a curtain from silk with an applied grid referring to a speculative grid behind the representational image and a wooden sculpture demonstrating a physical-cause-impossibility surmounting the logic of sculptors as McCracken, which was inspired by Lay’s appropriation of humour. Alwin Lay decided to turn the lack of space coming with Verhees’ proposal to a space-intertwining collage of a safety-razor blade, representationally installed in the exhibition space. His video shows a water glass emptying through a straw during a 15 minutes loop resembling a perpetuum mobile.

Erholung an Bord – Simon Rummel & Tina Tonagel
curated in COOPERATION with Theresa Nink
13.09.- 10.10. 2014

Images: Alessandro De Matteis

The composer Simon Rummel and the media and installation artist Tina Tonagel have been invited to comprehend the exhibition space as a body of resonance. They developed three analogue sound-art music instruments, able to play an endless composition by themselves. The exhibition space became an unpredictable, slowly modulating and changing sound space. This exhibition was additionally and thankfully supported by the SK Stiftung Kultur.

> click HERE for a short recording (vimeo)

Des Illus Ion – Katerina Kuznetcowa & Alexander Edisherov

Images: Kuznetcowa & Edisherov

Based on the analysis of Disillusion, Kuznetcowa and Edisherow presented a site specific triptych going back to the essence of knowledge and its artistic production – for instance with the untitled middle piece of 6 by 2 metres from black, woven ribbon depicting an abstract image of the heliocentric world-view. Through weaving being the first logic action of mankind to build complicated structures … this work questions the staus quo and future of general knowledge. … In a threefold means, this exhibition speaks out that all information and knowledge, personal, universal, empirical, scientific, conjectural as well as previsional maintains in the state of uncertainty, but may be regarded as certain until a disapproval takes place.


l´origine de – Daphné Keramidas
08.12.2013 – 08.01.2014

Images: Bozica Babic

In 2013, I was invited to curate ‚l’origine de‘ by Daphné Keramidas, an artist of French and Greek descent living and working in Cologne. This exhibition took place in the framework of WIDE SPACE, a sustainable initiative of the Cologne arts biennial new talents by FUHRWERKSWAAGE Kunstraum. Keramidas developed a space-taking, interactive sound installation discussing the essence of spirituality which was party inspired by the unique architecture of the exhibition space. Catalogue available (G/EN) ISBN 3-930636-72-7


Searching for the White Cube
With a.o. Elisa Balmaceda, Alisa Berger, Lena Ditte Nissen, Alexander Pascal Forré, Julia Gruner, Johannes Jensen, Heidrun Klos, Ken’ichi Matsubara, Johannes Post, Michael Schmitt, Sina Seifee, Bastian Wibranek, Mi You

Searching for the White Cube was an exhibition project in the urban space and several off spaces in Bochum I curated together with Sandra Jasper. The project originated in the Urban Stage – MinusEins Experimentallabor by Mischa Kuball at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne. It dealt with the circumstances of artistic production and city development. It featured 12 artistic positions and a broad framework programme consisting of performances, walks, tours, a local round table, a public screening on an abandoned playground supported by the Shortfilmfestival Cologne and a symposium with contributions of Andrea Knobloch, Eduardo da Conceição and Thomas Thiel.
To document the ephemeral contributions, we produced a publication including reflections of Vanessa Joan Müller, Mischa Kuball, Georg Malitz and others.

Images: The artists and curators; images Michael Schmitt: Sarah Berendt

SFTWC was supported by -1Experimentallabor and Academy for Media Arts Cologne, C60 Collaboratorium für kulturelle Praxis, MJKS NRW, ecce, City of Bochum, Kreativ.quartiere Ruhr, Bochum Marketing, Kulturgleis Bochum GmbH and Schlegel beer; as well as the spaces adhoc, FKT, Goldkante, R15, Rottstr5 Kunsthallen, Rotunde, Stadtumbaubüro and the persons behind these initiatives.


Archive Effect

Archive Effect was an urban intervention project reflecting on vacancy as an indication of economic, urban, cultural political and social misbalance I conceived and embodied collaboratively with Mi You. It is a project based upon fictive businesses criticising several aspects of The Art World with a twinkling eye. The businesses are grouped and communicated via Archive Effect, a content-generating and itself-archiving Archive at the same time. Acting in the present, the Archive is aware of its functionality in time and its future purpose of having been, merging a hoaxing activism with what Derrida maintains of archives:

« An archive calls into question the coming of future rather than the mere documentation of the past, and as such bears promise and responsibility for the future «

It was manifested in urban interventions, workshops, exhibitions in Cologne, Bochum, Lisbon, Porto and Athens and in the www. Ironically, we could not archive the archiveeffect.eu domain. The Archive Effect has been. This is a pity because we still have QR Code stickers left. But some of the business boards might still be at their urban sites and please check the individual pages of our eight speculative businesses or the Archive’s Facebookpage for more info: Culture Corporation – act responsible // Artist Creative Commons ACC – a place for artists to share ressources // Avantgardengroup – Discursive practices on Kindergarden thinking// Art Stock Exchange – Buy art before someone else does// LAR tour – Last Minute Artist in Residences// Lacancan & Derridada – psychoanalysis powered by creative professionals// 5urich insurance – a means to an end insurance concept // Magical culinary realism – second to (n)one art and culinary experience

Archive Effect was supported by KHM Cologne, ‚Close, Closer‘ Architecture Triennale Lisbon and Athens Biennale Agora.


Slapstick – Silvie Buenen & Boris de Vries
Showroom MAMA / Windowproject XII
Curated in cooperation with Amy Kan & Annosh Urbanke
25.06. – 10.07.2012

Located in the Witte de Withstraat a.k.a. the cultural axis in the centre of Rotterdam, the Showroom for Media And Moving Art [MAMA] stages a platform for visual culture on the cutting edge of visual arts and popular culture. In-between exhibitions MAMA’s window façade turns into a showcase for emerging artists, facing the passing byers and cultural visitors of surrounding galleries and museums 24/7 for about two weeks of display. The window’s topic is related to each upcoming show.