Incredible – it’s printed!!! Thank you for working with me. It’s been a true pleasure to engage with these texts, 10 years of REMOTEWORDS knowledge and images and to support with editing, proof-reading, producing this worthwhile publication.

orbitale Irritationen REMOTEWORDS

Essays by Christoph Asendorf 
/ Tanja Dückers 
/ Sabine Fabo
 / Clemens Krümmel / Hans Ulrich Reck / 
Klaus Staeck / 
Klaus Theweleit
 / Siegfried Zielinski
This publication documents the thirty-five unique actions of the REMOTEWORDS project and contextualizes them in a compre­­­­hen­sive way with highly diverse statements and essays from the perspective of cultural studies, art and media history, literature and media psychology.
It is published in the edition KHM, a cooperation project between the Academy of Media Arts Cologne and the Herbert von Halem Verlag. You can get your copy here or directly there. Or thumb through it.