It’s been some time, but good stuff needs some time, sometimes:

Our publication arrived! Searching for the White Cube, an exhibition project I carried out with Sandra Jasper and many many supporters as an initiative from the MinusEins Experimentallabor led my Mischa Kuball from KHM 2013 in Bochum is finally documented and printed.

Searching for the White Cube  – edited by Lisa Bensel, Sandra Jasper und Mischa Kuball

It was a lot of work, but the book feels good in hands and contains not only documentation from the actual exhibition and performances in public space and at many off spaces in Bochum, but also additional reflective texts by authors as Eduardo da Conceicao, Vanessa Joan Müller, Georg Mallitz, Tobias Prinz and an interview amongst participants.

publication searching for the white cube

Thank you thank you to all who helped a lot and a long time – first and foremost Sandra and Ecki for their massive input.